Whimsical Productions is pleased to announce our next musical production "The Theory of Relativity" as part of the Flight Path Theatre 2020 Season, performing 18-27 June 2020!

From Drama Desk Award nominees Neil Bartram and Brian Hill, The Theory of Relativity is a joyous and moving look into the lives of university students as they explore life's joys and heartbreaks and our surprisingly interconnected lives.

Whimsical Productions is keen to feature a diverse group of young emerging talent on stage, people who tell interesting stories from a variety of backgrounds and characters you may have never seen in a musical before! 


Co-Director: Helen Kim

Co-Director/Choreographer: Michael Osborne

Musical Director: Gianna Cheung

Producer: Melody Duan

Stage Manager: Mellita Kang

Lighting Designer: Mehran Mortezaei

Lighting Assistant/Operator: Jacinta Frizelle

Production Assistants: Katherine Nheu, Edwin Tay, Lisa-Marie Long


Adam: Paul Mai
Amy: Alicia Barker
Caroline: Nicole de Villa
Catherine: Grace Chim
Jenny: Kellie Foster
Julie: Madeleine Wilson
Mike: Benjamin Roorda
Mira: Lisa-Marie Long 
Oliver: Matthew Yuen
Paul: Jeremy Kindl
Ryan: Keiden Cheung
Sara: Olivia McNamara

"Take a Physics manual, blend it with the sound of The Book of Mormon, the hilariously nerdy references of The Big Bang Theory, a sprinkle of Chicago, few drops of Glee, bake it in a Broadway bowl, use all the originality you can have....That’s the successful recipe for the spectacular song cycle, The Theory of Relativity."
- Live Like Tom

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