Whimsical Productions is excited to announce The Theory of Relativity will return at the PACT Theatre, Erskineville on 18-27 March 2021!

A lot of work has been done to secure our new dates and ensure we maintain COVID safe.  In particular we would like to thank Sydney Actors Collective, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists and the Whimsical Core Team for enabling us to postpone to 2021.


As a result of COVID and the postponement of The Theory of Relativity, a few select roles were open for auditions held on 1 December at the Sydney Actors Collective, Marrickville.


Whimsical would like to congratulate our new 2021 cast of The Theory of Relativity!

We look forward to re-commencing rehearsals in December and returning to the stage in 2021!


Co-Director: Helen Kim

Co-Director/Choreographer: Michael Osborne

Musical Director: Gianna Cheung

Producer: Melody Duan

Stage Manager: Mellita Kang

Lighting Designer: Mehran Mortezaei

Production Assistants: Veronica Clavijo, Edwin Tay, Lisa-Marie Long

Adam: Paul Mai

Amy: Claire Broderick
Caroline: Nicole De Villa
Catherine: Grace Chim
Jenny: Rosanna Lam
Julie: Anne-Marie Cavaco
Mike: Ethan Taylor
Mira: Lisa-Marie Long
Oliver: Matthew Yuen
Paul: Jeremy Kindl
Ryan: Konrad Ryzak
Sara: Olivia McNamaraa

"Take a Physics manual, blend it with the sound of The Book of Mormon, the hilariously nerdy references of The Big Bang Theory, a sprinkle of Chicago, few drops of Glee, bake it in a Broadway bowl, use all the originality you can have....That’s the successful recipe for the spectacular song cycle, The Theory of Relativity."
- Live Like Tom

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