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Found! the Musical

Found! promo video

Found! bumps in to the theatre

Whimsical Productions was proud to present our premiere production

of FOUND! A Musical parody of "LOST" performed at Hellenic Art Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia on 22nd - 24th February 2018.

Ethan Taylor as Jacob 
Katherine Nheu as The Woman in Black 
David Wotherspoon as Jack
Emily Engeman as Kate
Christopher Daw as Sawyer
Helen Muller as Juliet
Edwin Tay as Ben
Michael Osborne as Locke
Spencer Thew as Hurley
Cathlyn-Rose McKellar as Claire
Doug Bryant as Charlie
Andy Fung as Jin
Suzanne Chin as Sun
Jerome Varlet-Green as Richard/Sayid
Alex J Acosta as Lapidus

Matilda Zorlu as Flight Attendant
Aleena Nguyen as Pilot

Creative Team

Writer/Composer/Director: Madeleine Halls
Assistant Director: Anthony Slaven
Music Director/Music Arranger: David Lang
Music Arranger: Aaron Cornelius
Choreographer: Marika Zorlu
Props Coordinator: Wendy Walker
Scenic Artist: Zita Walker
Costume/Hair/Make-Up Coordinator: Susan Boyle
Stage Manager: Mel Lennox
Technical Director/Sound Design: Michael Wrightson
Lighting Design & Operator: Allistair Butler

Microphone Technician: Ghiovanna De Oliviera 
Production Manager: Melody Duan

Merchandise Coordinator: Jacqueline Karissa Chang
Marketing Coordinator: Michael Osborne

Video Promo Editor: Nib Oswald

Front of House Coordinator: Troy Jodzio

*FOUND! is an original written musical parody based on the TV series “LOST” and complies with the Australian Copyright Act 1968 sections 41A and 103AA.

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