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Whimsical Productions was proud to present 'The Things I Could Never Tell Steven' a new musical created by Jye Bryant on the 21 February - 2 March 2019 in Darlinghurst, Sydney and was part of the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival.

'The Things I Could Never Tell Steven' is a one act (70 minute) musical for four people with music and lyrics by Australian Composer/Lyricist Jye Bryant. 


Although we never meet Steven, we learn all about him from disclosures of four people in his: his Wife, Mother, Father and Ex-Boyfriend.  The characters share intimate details about their life with Steven and the things they struggle to tell him. 


Interestingly, we learn that Steven has his own secrets and as a result will damage the relationships in his life.


Musical Director/Co-Director: Ghassan Kassisieh

Co-Director/Choreographer: Katherine Nheu

Producer: Melody Duan

Technical Operator: Aaron Cornelius

Stage Manager: Mellita Kang

Marketing Coordinator: Michael Osborne


Wife: Julia Hyde

The Ex: Joey Sheehan

Mother: Suzanne Chin

Father: Tim Martin

Alternate Wife/Mother: Teresa Tate Britten

Alternate Ex/Father: Lucas Glover

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