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New Aussie Parody Musical

"Found!" Ready for Sydney take-off! ✈


The countdown is well and truly on as Whimsical Productions prepares for take-off on its Sydney production of “Found! A Musical Parody of Lost” with original script and music by Madeleine Halls.  Found! will premiere at the Hellenic Art Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney between 22-24 February 2018.

Found! features a variety of local emerging artists, led by writer & director Madeleine Halls, musical direction by David Lang and choreography by Marika Zorlu.


Through their creative leadership, the young and hardworking cast of Found! have been busy rehearsing scenes, fine-tuning characters, polishing dance steps and recording music for an upcoming cast album to be released during the February production.


The development process of a new musical, especially with an original script, music and choreography comes with lots of hard work and dedication.  Though not without its artistic challenges, the excitement of creating a brand new theatrical piece allows the entire production team the chance to be innovative, agile and responsive to change, which ultimately produces stronger artists & individuals.


But where did the idea of a parody musical Found! even start?


Writer and director Madeleine Halls says her biggest inspiration for Found! came from composer Michael Giacchino, who wrote the entire soundtrack to the popular TV series Lost.


“I watched the show, was enthralled by the plot but it was the music that drove the story along.  It was so poignant, evocative and beautiful.  To me it was the most amazing music soundtrack that I had ever heard!”


From this, Madeleine was able to develop her own music style based around central “themes” which are repeated at key times throughout the musical.


Found! joins a great list of new Australian music theatre being produced in 2018.  Many companies are producing new pieces for the stage from established professional theatres to small independents.


Madeleine is particularly encouraged by recent productions Three In The Bed by Jonathan Holmes and The Colour Orange by Sophia Roberts & Oli Cameron.


With less than a month until Found! hits the stage on February 22-24 at the Hellenic Art Theatre, Marrickville, get your tickets now!



Thursday 22nd February 7pm

Friday 23rd February 7pm

Saturday 24th February 7pm



Adult: $37.50

Concession: $32.50

Group 10+: $30 each

Sections B & C (side): $30


Tickets available via

For more information on FOUND!



This musical features scenes with coarse language, sexual content and violence. It is recommended for mature audiences only.


FOUND! is an originally written musical parody and complies with the Australian Copyright Act 1968 sections 41A and 103AA.  © Whimsical Productions & Madeleine Halls.

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